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Square U bolts and U-Bolts

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U-bolts have an extended range of applications. They are widely used as piping support solutions. The common uses of u-bolts in piping solutions are: Use of u-bolt as pipe supports:They are used to provide lateral restraints to pipes. For small bote piping systems, u-bolts are the most simplest and widely used type of piping supports. In any plant, for supporting bare pipes lesser than 8-inch size, u-bolts are extensively used. As already stated they function as rest+guide+hold down.


Finishing:Polishing,Zinc(Yellow,White,Blue-white,Black),Hop Dip Galvanized(HDG),Phosphating,Black Oxide, Geomet,Dacromet,Nickel plated, Zinc-Nickel plated

Products Range:Stainless steel: All DIN ,GB Standard and part ASNI standard stainless steel screws,

Example: DIN603,DIN933/931,DIN6921,DIN3570,DIN7981,DIN7982,DIN7985,DIN916,DIN913,DIN7985,DIN912


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