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Two small knowledge of hardware stainless steel nails and screw

Stainless steel is used as material for nails and screws. It can be said that it has great advantages in all aspects of manufacture, use or handling.As a result, although the cost of nails and screw that made of stainless steel is relatively high and the cycle life is relatively short, it is still a kind of relatively economical solution.

Magnetic Issues of Nails and Screw for Nails and Screw
If stainless steel is used as the main material for nails and screw, it is also necessary to understand the magnetic problems of stainless steel itself. Stainless steel is generally considered non-magnetic, but in fact austenitic series materials may be magnetic to a certain extent after a certain processing technology, and it is not correct to think that magnetism is the standard for judging the quality of stainless steel nails and screw.

When select nails and screw, whether the stainless steel material is magnetic or not does not indicate its quality.Actually, some chromium-manganese stainless steels are not magnetic. However, chromium-manganese stainless steel in stainless steel nails and screw cannot replace the use of 300 series stainless steel, especially in high-medium corrosive working environments.

Yihe enterprise is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of nails, square nails, nails roll, all kinds of special shaped nails and screws. Nails material selection of quality carbon steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel, and can do galvanized, hot dip, black, copper and other surface treatment according to customer demand.

Nickel use in fasteners
In the process of using stainless steel as the material, nails and screw used to rely more on nickel. However, when the global price of nickel rose, the price of nails and screw increased as per. In order to reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness, nails and screw manufacturers have specially searched alternative materials to produce low-nickel stainless steel nails and screw.

Post time: Feb-09-2023