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Current Situation and Prospect of China’s Automobile Nails and Screw Industry

The main situation of automobile nails and screw
At present, the independent innovation ability of China’s automobile nails and screw enterprises is poor, most products imitates foreign countries, we lack original achievements, independent intellectual property rights, brands and products, and also be lack of effective scientific and technological innovation system; The basic technology research of automotive nails and screw materials is weak, few special materials, the output is difficult to reach the economic scale, and the material technical standards are chaotic, and the basic technical data and industry statistical data are poor.
Compared with my country’s automobile industry, the development of automobile nails and screw enterprises is slow, the fastener nails and screw enterprises are attached to the main engine factory,
The level of equipment and testing is backward. Nowadays, automobile nails and screw have put forward higher requirements for equipment and testing. Except for a few joint ventures in my country’s automobile nails and screw that have relatively strong capabilities in this area, most enterprises are deficient in this area, especially in terms of quality. The stability is not strong. In this state, OEMs have higher and higher quality requirements for automotive nails and screw.

The gap of China’s automotive nails and screw industry
There is a conceptual gap. The guiding ideology of global excellent automotive nails and screw suppliers in terms of operation and management is to provide OEMs with all-round support in design, production, sales, service, and logistics to solve problems encountered in fastener manufacturing. In todays’s assembly line of industry,over 70% workload is still screwing bolts and nuts. As a result, whether the supplier can provide all-round support for the OEM to solve the fastening problem is very important.

Post time: Feb-09-2023